Terms and Conditions

The Simplecard is a website, under the url my.simplecard.digital/xyz where xyz is the unique name given to the client’s Simplecard.
The Simplecard website is a public website, the client is responsible for the content being correct, unique, and not infringing any copyright.
The Simplecard content will be defined by the client via email with the Simplecard.digital team, following the standard guidelines and sections defined by the Simplecard.digital team.
The Simplecard will normally be live according to the server’s live time, the Simplecard.digital team will aim to minimize any additional downtime created by migration or maintenance work, but cannot guarantee any specifice live time. 
The Simplecard has an annual cost and the plan will renew automatically after a year, unless the client cancels before that. If the client cancels the service before the plan is set to expire, they can request for some of the original funds back, which will be the prorated amount minus any fees charged by Stripe at the time of the original payment and to move the money back to the client.
We do not process or keep any credit card information, that information is sent directly to Stripe using an SSL connection.